FunDza Reading App

There is a huge need in South Africa’s lower LSM target markets for reading material that is culturally relevant and is accessible on basic smart phone devices.

FunDza Literacy Trust makes this possible through their web app – inspired by their vision to instil a love of reading amongst South African youth and young adults, they strive to make quality content available to all. The localised content is created by a network of professional writers, but the platform is also opened up to aspiring writers who would like to be exposed to a wider readership base. Not only is the unique content enjoyed by readers, but readers can also critically engage through questions and comments on the material. This builds a vibrant online reading community.

The brief included a two-fold challenge that made this project unique it its simplicity – firstly, the app needed to work perfectly on lower-end smart devices, and secondly, the data availability amongst users had to be taken into account. Many South African users don’t have access to WiFi, and have an average budget of ZAR50 (±€3,40) for data each month. This meant that the app needed to be incredibly light on images. This was resolved by highlighting different categories and content sections using colour only.

The prototype can be viewed here.


funDza Literacy Trust


Craig Mason-Jones (development)

Mobile version

Desktop version

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