User profiles and storyboarding

In order to move an idea to production I offer a concepting service to development agencies and clients in order to illustrate their ideas quickly and accurately for pitching and investment processes. I can consult with you to develop user profiles and flesh out your unique ideas into storyboard format. This process fits hand-in-glove with an Agile environment using SCRUM methodology, where ideas need to be processed and developed at lightning speed.

What is a User Profile?

A user profile is a practical character sketch of the person/people who will engage with the app. The user profile combines target audience information (such as demographics and lifestyle) with a problem that needs to be solved. This archetype then becomes a character on the storyboard who engages with the product.

What is User Experience Storyboarding?

Similar to the storyboards used for a commercial or film, UX storyboarding is a way to visually present a concept to the client and project stakeholders. It involves a series of sketches illustrating how the user(s) will interact with the product. This helps the client to understand the concept and accelerates production by making functionality and scope decisions early on in the process. As outlined in this Smashing Magazine article, storyboards enhance memorability, empathy and engagement.

An example slide from a storyboard presentation I worked on for the UX of a family dashboard.

That’s great. But why do you do this?

Most importantly, because I value human centered design, as do many of my clients and collaborators. Simply put, human centered design is a design and management framework that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process (wikipedia). As with any form of design, technology focused on improving day to day life cannot exist in a vaccuum and it is essential that the market is carefully analysed and considered during the design process. Technology and apps should be there to enhance human flourishing, not make life more complicated.

“To stay innovative you need to stay inspired. […] Get out into the world and into the contexts that people are using your product – you’ll be surprised how quickly unexpected opportunities are revealed.”
Dave Thomsen, Wanderful Media

Secondly, because I practise ethical design. Mike Monteiro’s The Designer’s Code of Ethics, is a manifesto with which I resonate and uphold the broad principles of in my workflow.

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A screen illustrating the UX of the finance widget for a family dashboard app concept.

FinTech App

Sample screen from a presentation of the UX broadstrokes of a FinTech app

freelancing app

Sample screen from the presentation of the UX of an innovative freelancing app

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